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Dental Implants

Need a single tooth or full mouth restoration? We can provide you with beautiful, durable teeth that feel natural.

Wisdom Teeth

Most young adults have their wisdom teeth extracted. When needed, the sooner wisdom teeth are removed, the better.

Teeth Extractions

We love to save natural teeth, but a variety of factors could lead you and your dentist to decide a tooth extraction is necessary.

Other Services

New teeth Now Full Arch Dental Implants

This is our full arch dental implant solution to give you a new smile in one day.

Anchor Teeth Alternative to Overdenture

This is our solution for those patients settling with loose overdentures and poor function. We have streamlined our process to give you teeth that are fixed at a comparable price to what others offer as a removal overdenture. Don't settle for less come in to see if you are a candidate for this amazing alternative.

Distal Anchorage Dental Implants

Have you been told you don’t have enough bone for implants? We are experts in the maxillofacial skeleton and can offer alternative anchorage using zygomatic, pytergoid, nasal, transinus, subperiosteal implants to anchor your teeth. This has the benefits of fixating the implant in your native bone versus grafted bone which can lack strength that is needed in certain situations.

Dental implants


Wisdom Teeth

Impacted Canines and Orthodontic Extractions

Sometimes canine teeth don’t grow-in correctly and get “stuck.” We can help guide them to erupt properly.

Bone and Tissue Grafting

Although, we can provide graftless approaches to your dental reconstruction some cases may require grafting of bone soft tissue or both to optimize your results and help rebuild your smile.

Failed Implant Solutions

As dental implants become more common and more dentist placing them we often see failures that need replacement. This can be from wear and tear over time, implants placed incorrectly or infection. Call us for an evaluation if your implants can be saved or need replacement.

Platelet Rich Fibrin

This process has been developed in oral and maxillofacial surgery to enhance the healing process following surgery. This process is a simple blood draw from the patient which is then prepared free of additives forming a mesh or gel (fibrin) containing a high concentration of leukocytes (cells that kill bacteria), platelets (active in clotting in healing), Fibrin (protein that binds everything)


Anesthesia we provide anesthesia tailored to your needs. As Oral surgeons we have the highest level of anesthesia and emergency training in the dental field. That give us the ability to provide anesthesia that meets your needs. That can be as simple as an oral sedation or IV sedation to full general anesthesia in our surgery center.


We treat all infections of the head and neck from simple tooth abscesses to life threatening facial abscesses. Studies continually show a link between poor dental health and poor systemic health. So whether you are dealing with a sudden onset of dental pain or something that’s been present for year come see us at NTN OS so we can help you to a better.

Facial Trauma Surgery

Dr. Lee provides reconstructive surgery from all kinds of fractures of the facial skeleton to soft tissue injuries for the head and face.


Jaw Surgery

A corrective procedure for a misaligned jaw or improper bite can greatly improve the jaw’s function and appearance.

Oral Pathology

Oral pathology investigates the causes, processes, and effects of diseases affecting the mouth and jaw.

Pre-prosthetic Surgery

Pre-prosthetic surgery is a procedure to prepare for the placement of dental implants or a denture.

Pezioelectric Surgery

At NTN OS we use cutting edge technology and techniques to achieve the best outcomes for our patients. Piezoelectric bone surgery is based on high frequency vibrations to selectively cut bone while being more favorable to the soft tissue. This allows for improved healing and better surgical outcomes which is vital in certain applications.ce.

Nerve Injury Evaluation

Injury to the inferior alveolar and lingual nerve during dental and oral surgical procedures is an uncommon complication that can lead to numbness or pain or and loss of taste. If a nerve injury occurs a thorough qualitative and quantitative exam is performed and the patient is followed closely for 3 months for improvements. If no improvements are made by the patient surgical repair is considered and reviewed with the patient.